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Stephen King once said: “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”  That is why we make the time to browse the web and read as much as we can in order to bring you only the very best in blog posts.  The AAPL blog section shows exactly how passionate our team is about films, videos and technology.

Each week we strive to bring you the latest in viral videos, relevant news and interesting articles.  Our blog posts vary between great advice, awesome music videos and anything/everything video related which might have caught our eye!  Our  team of creatives are true tech junkies as well as slaves to the internet and will make sure to keep you updated on the latest buzz.

For us here at AAPL, the most important thing about our business is our clients.  We really do care and try to advise and help where possible and hopefully in between we can entertain you as well.  With weekly blog posts, we try to be as informative as possible, while at the same time not loosing you interested by keeping things appealing and entertaining.

Please feel free to share, comment or discuss if one of our blogs happen to tickle your fancy. We always enjoy reader interaction and invite you to let us know if there is anything video related, which we might not have picked up on.  We also strive in bettering ourselves and keep this in mind with every new blog we post.

So please, sit back, relax and happy reading!

The Importance of Corporate Video Production

Over the last few decades, use of corporate or business video  production has been sweeping across large and small businesses, obviously for a good reason. The pure and simple fact is that corporate video is an extremely effective and easy way to market your services... read more


The error lies in Jurassic World… When it comes to the art of filmmaking, continuity plays an important part in keeping the audience captured in the moment, but sometimes continuity fails and certain mistakes slip through the cracks without the audience ever... read more

Music Video Of The Week

And our Music Video Of The Week is…..  Highly Suspect’s Lydia.  This beautifully simple music video shows a woman tied up at the bottom of a pool.  As she slowly regains consciousness, she becomes aware of her surroundings and situation and panics starts... read more

On this day in history

17 August 1908 – Fantasmagorie On this day in history, 17 August 1908 to be exact, what is considered to be the world’s first animated cartoon, was released.  Fantasmagorie is a French animated film by graphic artist, Émile Cohl.  Made up out of 700... read more

Music Video Of The Week

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood has been making internet waves for the past few weeks now, and it finally after many a sneak peeks and glimpses at its star studded cast that we got to see the final product.  Therefor it goes without saying that this has to (to our... read more

Time Lapse of the Sun

This time lapse shows the sun up close and personal… On the 21st of February 2015, NASA celebrated their Solar Dynamics Observatory’s 5th year in space by releasing this amazing time lapse of the sun.  The video showcases the most exciting moments the... read more

10K – enough said.

With 4K video not being widely available yet, imagine our surprise when we saw the internet light up when this 10K time-lapse of Rio De Janeiro was released earlier this month.  Now just to give you some perspective – at its full size the video is 10,328 x 7760... read more

Sia – Music vid of the Week

Sia – Chandelier Sia is an Australian singer/songwriter who made her international music debut as a backup singer for British funk band, Jamiroquai.  It was after releasing her first album in 2001, when she gained international recognition for not so much her... read more

Vampire Weekend – video of the week

VAMPIRE WEEKEND Despite the fact that members of Vampire Weekend, has been highly criticised for their lack of “rock” edge which is mostly due to their ivy league educations, their perseverance and love for music eventually prevailed.   With 3 successful... read more

Nando’s: Blue Light Brigade

Nando’s was established by two friends in 1987 in the very heart of Rosettenville.  From these humble beginnings to concurring the world with their secret peri-peri sauce, the Nando’s chain has gone from strength to strength and can now be found in... read more

Robin Williams

Being in the business of filmmaking ourselves, it would be wrong not to mention the passing of the great Robin Williams… Most actors appeal to a specific audience, but Robin Williams, although a comedian, broke through all genres and made so many versatile films... read more

GoPro’s: Sharing the impossible!

Here at AAPL, we LOVE ourselves some GoPro’s.  This nifty little camera has become somewhat of an office toy as well as a very helpful assistant in adding that something extra to our corporate and marketing videos.  This is probably one of the most fun pieces of... read more

You had us at Nanopixels…

NANOPIXELS!!!   Yes, that’s right the good people at Oxford has made the breakthrough and now there are pixels that can increase screen resolution by up to 150 times! Have we mentioned that we are excited?  We realise that to the human eye this might not even... read more

If you are a techi/video geek like myself, this is definitely something that might tickle your fancy. is an exciting new software platform to encourage collaboration by making it simpler to do so. Although the software has not yet been released it promises... read more