The error lies in Jurassic World…

When it comes to the art of filmmaking, continuity plays an important part in keeping the audience captured in the moment, but sometimes continuity fails and certain mistakes slip through the cracks without the audience ever being the wiser.  This year’s film which tops the list movie mistakes in non other than box-office favourite, Jurassic World.  The hit film which topped charts for weeks on end, features more mistakes than any other film this year.

At least 19 errors, including continuity blunders, plot holes and factual mistakes can be found through out the course of the film:

1.   Asset Containment Unit trooper Meyers’ taser-rifle turns into a cattle prod at least 4 times, just before the Indominus Rex’s ambush.

2.  When the two boys crawl out of the water onto the dirt bank the ground beneath them moves as if it is some sort of carpet.

3.  The restricted zone where the original Jurassic Park was is to the north. After Indominus chases the kids to the waterfall, it is said in the control room that the huge dino is moving south to the crowds waiting for rides to reopen in the downtown section, drawn by the heat signatures of the gathered masses. A few scenes later, Indominus is up north again terrorizing the kids at the Jurassic Park jeep port.

4.  When the brothers leave the lake, their wet hairstyles change at least 4 times.

5.  It is impossible for any woman to sprint cross country in 4 inch heals, wrestle a dinosaur for forty minutes and still have them on after her release.

6.  No car, not even a Jeep, will work after being stranded for 20 years on a tropical island.

7.  Inside Jurassic World’s main control room, Chris Pratt looks at a view screen depicting a paramilitary team tracking down the escaped I-Rex, the screen is complete with POV cam footage and heart rate monitors. Unfortunately,  all four people are shown having identical heart rates.

8.  Owen puts his rifle down, only for the shot angle to be changed to him holding his rifle again.

9.  Hoskin’s watch changes fro 2pm to 1pm in the scene where he approaches the raptor cage.

10.  Claire finds a cellphone with a broken screen, which screen seems to magically repairs itself when she puts it down.

11.  When Owen rescues a worker from the raptors, his and the raptors’ shadows are in different directions.

12.  After the Avians terrorise the theme park, the streets are covered in animals and broken grass.  A few hours later the streets look brand new.

13.  When Claire and Owen talks on the top of the waterfall, Owen speaks without his mouth moving.

14.  In the back of the vet vehicle, when Gray holds out his hand, a crew member is reflected in the sliver air tank on the right.

15.  When the guy scrambles out of the raptor paddock, the distance between himself and the fence varies from far to close between shots.

16.  In the airport scene, this is not Dane County Airport as shown, as they do not use letters for their gates but numbers instead.

17.  After Claire shoots the Dimorphodon the sun changes between shots.

18.  A handler falls a good distance into the raptor paddock and lands on his back, but gets up as if nothing has happened.

19.  When the boys drive into the river, their hairstyles changes at least 5 times in every single angle, within 3 seconds.