Music Video Of The Week

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood has been making internet waves for the past few weeks now, and it finally after many a sneak peeks and glimpses at its star studded cast that we got to see the final product.  Therefor it goes without saying that this has to (to our dismay) be to the music video of the week.

With the video having gathered some of our all time favourite people such as Cindy Crawford and Lena Dunham, it definitely caught our attention.  But unfortunately, and we know we might get stoned for saying this, the video seriously disappoints and  Swift made sure that what it lacked in content and purpose it made up for in talent.

In our opinion the video is average to say the least, and was it not for all the well known faces, it would in all likeliness not be noteworthy.  But then again, maybe that is the point.

Although after all the hype we were expecting something along the lines of a Tarentino short, only instead to be left with what seems to be every adolescent boys’ girl on girl fighting fantasy. But the internet disagrees and in many’s opinion this is the best music video EVER made, by anyone, ever, in the world and throughout the universe (SIGH).

So it is with a bitter taste that we present to you this week’s Music Video Of The Week:  Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood.