Marketing Videos

Marketing Videos have proven to be the way of the future.

Gone are the days of sending email after email just to have them all end up as spam.  Rather launch a new project through a short and effective marketing video, which can be sent to clients via email link or DVD.  A well packaged, informative as well as entertaining video, will go a lot further than the 3 page essay of an email or website post you were planning to write.

With the internet at our finger tips, advertising has become a lot cheaper and more accessible.  Instead of settling for expensive commercials, big brands have shifted their focus in hopes of marketing videos going viral.  Brands like Peugeot, Nike, Finnair, Tic Tac as well as Mercedes have all made use of simple marketing videos in order to launch new brands and campaigns.

A viral video guarantees an incomprehensible amount of international exposure money can’t buy.  Unlike our competitors, AAPL is not mainly a video production services company, but specialises in script writing and concept development, helping your brand go further.