Nando’s: Blue Light Brigade

Nando’s was established by two friends in 1987 in the very heart of Rosettenville.  From these humble beginnings to concurring the world with their secret peri-peri sauce, the Nando’s chain has gone from strength to strength and can now be found in Australia, the US, the UK as well as Canada, to name but a few countries.  Their major success goes hand in hand with their intuitive and thought provoking marketing campaign.  Time and time again, Nando’s create debate opportunities and leave people talking.  Not that we’re complaining, this is what we love about Nando’s – apart from their delicious secret chicken recipe’s, they constantly keep us on our toes.

In their latest ad, Blue Light Brigade, Nando’s stays true to their very controversial tongue-in-the-cheek style by showing “what will happen when 4 blue light brigades had to meet at an intersection”.  The ad is as per usual a spot on satirical comment on the current “South African” social situation.  The TVC pokes fun at the infamous “Blue Light Brigade” mode of transport, which has become most politicians’ preferred way to travel.  This Nando’s commercial did not disappoint and was an instant hit with the general South African public.