Music Video of the Week:

This week’s music video pick of the week is from French duo, FAUL and Wad Ad who took the chorus from  Australian dance duo, PNAU’s ‘Baby’ and revamped it into this deep house hit.  This fantastic mix of  “Chicago house, jazz funk and Detroit techno” has taken the world by storm and has been at the top of most charts during the course of this year.  Apart from the songs fantastic sax riff accompanied by a perfectly timed beat, the song also has a great music video, which was shot in Cape Town by a small German production company.  The song has also been chosen for Mercedes’ new C class campaign.

The music video features a group of young boys who takes a girl hostage in their tree house.  The girls then decide to go on the ultimate rescue mission.  With a leave no man approach, they go to extreme measures to ensure the safe return of their comrade.  The story line in fun and wonderfully entertaining, with a nostalgic feel and quite a few Moonrise Kingdom parallels.

We hope you enjoy this one as much as we did:



official music video FAUL – “CHANGES” from Felix Urbauer on Vimeo.