What a difference Editing makes…

In this re-edit of the UP trailer, it becomes clear what a difference a bit of editing can make.

The pixar animation UP is a heartwarming story.  It follows an old man who decides to make good on a promise and go on an adventure of a life time after his wife dies.   An unexpected friendship is formed, when a neglected little boy decides to join him on his trip.  With the help of a million balloons, they manage to fly away in his house, before he gets sent to a retirement home.

Michael Bay is one of Hollywood’s most renowned directors, famous for his high budget action films such as Transformers, Pearl Harbour and Armageddon.

When I stumbled upon this clip, I thought it to be a  perfect example of how editing can change the look and feel of a video.

One should never underestimate the power of a great editing job and when it comes to post production it’s always better to leave it to the professionals. In this fun trailer, the editor decided to give it a Michael Bay twist – without changing any of the original dialogue or story, the difference is made by cutting and placing footage in a different order, along with dramatic sound effects, an iconic song and some extra SFX explosions.

This is also a stellar example of how a re-edit can bring new life to old footage. AAPL values the skill involved in the editing process and we value the importance of the post production process.  Please sit back and enjoy this awesome trailer, and remember if you have any old footage, which you think might value from a good spruce up, please feel free to contact us!