Music Video Of The Week

And our Music Video Of The Week is…..  Highly Suspect’s Lydia.  This beautifully simple music video shows a woman tied up at the bottom of a pool.  As she slowly regains consciousness, she becomes aware of her surroundings and situation and panics starts to set in. Although the idea might seem uninspiring, the video was filmed in one take.

This four minute long video, which only shows one actress’ anguish as she tries to free herself from drowning, did not cut once through out the entire filming process.  The actress therefor had to hold her breath for a crazy total of five minutes, which takes the video to an entirely different level.  Not only is under water communication quite difficult, the dangers involved are also something which should be taken into account.

Although you might think it humanly impossible to hold your breath for such an extensive time, the gorgeous actress, Marina Kazankova is a professional world champion diver, which made things a bit easier.  This lovely lady is known for not only holding her breath for long periods of time, but also athletically moving around and using energy whilst doing so…

The artistic notion behind the video aims to heighten the emotional experience of the viewer whilst watching it.    This project was created with the idea of rolling a single-take in a single-location, with one actor facing a dire, life-or death situation.  Focusing on real feelings associated with love and loss.  Marina was given an oxygen tank in between takes, and the final video was number 6 of take 8.  The video was shot on the Red Dragon on 6K.

So do yourself a favour and watch this week’s amazing Music Video Of The Week:

Highly Suspect – Lydia (Official Video / Dir. Cut) from pier pictures on Vimeo.