Testimonial & FAQ Videos

Liven up your website with video Testimonials and FAQ support.

Have your satisfied customers give their opinion on your product through short, but effective video testimonials.  After all with Testimonials the proof is in the pudding.  For website FAQ, why not respond with video answers.

Videos are a great and easy way to educate your customers.  According to the CEO of the successful business app, StratPad, Alex Glassey, they started making use of instructional videos when a survey showed that their clients needed help understanding financial statements.  They then went about creating a series of short support videos titled “Financial Statements Made Easy”.  The use of videos not only helped them make business planning easy but has now become one of their main funnels of attracting new customers.

Lauren Hill is a product specialist at the business support company Volutions.  According to her, using video testimonials “build positive buzz about you as well as an element of social proof, emphasising why someone should take interest in your organisation”.  She goes on to say that by allowing other people to sing your praises, you give customers a look into why your product can be trusted.

Have your product speak for itself with the help of online customer and support videos.  AAPL will help you build a brand people can trust, and show customers that your business is worthy coming back to.