The Changing Face of the Corporate Video Production Industry

Over the past few years technology has had a considerable effect on the video production industry. Not so long ago video production required very expensive equipment. To say the least, it was a highly specialized service. In today’s day and age, anyone with access to even the cheapest of film equipment can start making videos. One would think that this would somehow reduce the video’s value. But in today’s day and age, the value is not in how you make the video but instead in how you apply the video to your market. Being that as it may, there seems to be a variety of new ways that video is being applied to special business objectives. Social media, interactive video and mobile video are all examples of purpose-built content to solve a specific business problem. One size doesn’t fit all but there are sizes any and all business objectives. Sure, everyone is being asked to do more with less. The truth, however, is that more is better. Technology has had a tremendous impact on the corporate video production industry. That being said, you still tend to get what you pay for.