Five great reasons why your business needs a health and safety training video

Health and Safety training isn’t usually something to get excited over, but you can change that by producing an engaging and informative health and safety training video for your business.
The health and safety of your employees at work should always be at the top of your priority list. Far too many businesses neglect their responsibility to offer engaging and clear training, which can result in workplace accidents occurring that not only cost the employee their health, but also your business its money.  Training videos are an extremely effective way of demonstrating best practices in an engaging and informative manner to employees, here are five great reasons why your business needs a health and safety training video:

1.  Encouraging a safe working environment
It is imperative that your business is seen to be actively taking responsibility for the safety of their employees. After all, by law it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that all employees are trained in how to carry out their jobs safely. How can you expect your employees to take health and safety procedures and practices seriously if the business is not seen to be doing the same? Safety training will not only reduce the number of accidents in the workplace, it will also keep everything running smoothly and efficiently.

2.  Conveys message effectively
A picture paints a thousand words, or so the saying goes. Health and safety training is usually most effective when accompanied by a demonstration. When the training is communicated using a video a variety of different scenarios can easily be demonstrated clearly to employees.

3.  Gives training continuity
Employees come and go frequently, meaning that if training is delivered verbally to employees at staggered intervals then there will be variations in the training that each person receives. By showing al new employees the same health and safety video when they begin working with the company it ensures continuity in health and safety processes and practices throughout the business.

4.  Saves time and money
Producing an effective health and safety video only incurs a one-off cost; you can then play it to your employees to your heart’s content. This will mean that you will need to spend less time and money on training staff in the long run. Effective health and safety training will also reduce the number of accidents that occur in the workplace and so protect your business from incurring hefty fines, payments to health insurance, and compensation to workers

5.  More likely to hold employees’ interest
Images and video are much more likely to capture the attention of an audience than a lecture is. Health and safety training is not usually the most captivating of subjects, but it is extremely important, so by delivering the information in a visually appealing form there is more chance of your audience taking in the information and remembering it.