Dead Hearts – Follow your heart

Dead Hearts – “Follow your heart”, written/directed by Stephen W. Martin.

A young mortician, willing to give his heart away, is in search of true love.  This endearing short film is centered around young love and the way in which love endures even in the strangest of places.

The timeless theme of ever lasting love is woven through Dead Hearts, showing the audience that, in the end, you will always find your way back to the person that you love.

The film deals with issues of the heart, life and death in a dark comedic style.  It takes the inevitability of death and declares that it’s not too bad because, if you have love, you will live forever.  In this way, the tender subject of death is dealt with in a very playful manner.

This film is a must watch if you enjoy Wes Anderson’s cinematic style.  The style of this short plays a big part in storytelling of this unconventional love story.  Looking at the way that the film has been created, the shots are heavily styled, not only through the aesthetic design but also through the cinematic construction of each shot.  The square framing and centering of the shots as well as the overly theatrical nature of the film is definitely a tip of the hat to Anderson’s distinctive form.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at it!

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