Why Businesses Should Use Videos for Social Media Marketing

As the social media landscape continues to be a vital part of any company’s marketing campaign, it is becoming increasingly evident that video content is taking over social media.

Consumers spend 1/3 of their online time watching videos on social media, with 45% watching videos on Facebook or YouTube for over one hour a week.

These numbers have an impacted on businesses with over 60% of consumers admitting they watched branded video content and 64% saying that branded video influence their purchasing decisions. Additionally, businesses who have branded videos on their social media profiles have a 27% higher click-through rate and a 34% higher conversion rate.

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Companies can use video content for social media in a number of ways:

About Us Videos

What does your business do, what are your core values, who are the faces behind the company?

Product Demo Videos

Share why your product is great and how it works.

Promo Videos

Share your latest specials or sales in an eye-catching way.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Positive word of mouth testimonials from previous customers who you have done work for/sol your product to.

Event Videos

Share the experience of attending company events with your followers.

Why Video Marketing is so Important?

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