Arri Alexa Mini LF: Large format, small camera

Towards the beginning of 2018, ARRI announced that it would be releasing it’s new Alexa Mini LF which takes the popular Alexa Mini body and equips it with ARRI’s large format sensors, “large format, small camera” as ARRI has marketed. This will give filmmakers new opportunities as the Mini LF will have the same power as the Alexa LF but the compact size and weight of the Mini. The ultimate best of both worlds camera.


  The new ARRI lex Mini LF Showreel

Currently, the ARRI Alexa Mini is a popular choice among filmmakers and has captured a wide range of big-name TV shows and films. These include Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Oscar-nominated films such as The Shape of Water, A Star is Born and Green Book. The Alexa Mini was also the number one camera of choice behind many of Sundance 2019 Films.

Alexa's in Oscar Films

The Mini Lf’s compact size and flip out LCD screen will ensure that it can easily be used for hand-held. It has a new High-Density Encoding Compact Drive from Codex, reducing ARRI RAW file sizes by up to 40%. However, this means that footage cannot be done using C-Fast cards as there is no adapter equipped on the new Alexa Mini LFs. Filmmakers will have to purchase the pricey Codex Compact 1TB Drive which currently goes for $2380.

The Mini LF will use the same ALEV A2X (4.5K) sensor as the Alexa LF which is larger than full frame at 36.7mm x 25.54mm. The Mini LF is guaranteed to have a higher sensitivity, less noise and overall better image quality. The Alexa Mini currently shoots at 3.5K which means the new Mini LF will be DCI and Netflix approved.

Additionally, the Mini LF will include these three sensor models:

  • LF Open Gate: 36.70 x 25.54 mm with (4448 x 3096) at 44.71mm image circle
  • LF 16:9: 31.68 x 1782 mm with (3840 x 2160) at 36.35mm image circle
  • LF 2.39:1: 6.70 x 15.31 mm with (4448 x 1856 photo sites) at 39.76 mm image circle

In terms of Lens options, the Mini LF will be optimized for large format lenses and includes an LPL lens mount. This means that the Mini LF will be able to use ARRI Signature Primes, ARRI Rental DNA LF  and 65 format optics, and third-party LPL lenses. It will also have backwards compatibility with all PL lenses with a PL to LPL adapter. 

Lens Options ARRI Alexa Mini LF

The ARRI Alexa Mini LF is set to launch end of August 2019 and can be purchased either as a body alone or within a ready to shoot set. 

For more information on the Alexa Mini LF, you can check out the in-depth article No Film School did below: