AAPL offers a wide range of services.  This includes corporate video production, marketing videos, voice overs, editing and or sfx, training videos, live event filming, Q&A/tutorial videos as well as animation and brand upliftment videos.  Whether your company is in need of a brand injection or  just a high quality team building video, AAPL has your back.  Feel free to browse through our variety of services and if you have any questions or queries just fill in our contact form or give us a call.

Corporate VIdeosTestimonials/FAQ supportVoice Overs
Marketing VideosPress Release VideosEditing and After Effects
Live Event FilmingBrand UpliftmentAnimation
Training VideosHealth and Safety VideosTeam Building Videos




Our in-house development staff takes your companies objectives and message into our think tank where they are transformed into a language that can be expressed on screen.


This is where the production manager at AAPL takes the signed off script and puts it into action. Locking down of shoot dates, talent, locations and schedules it down. All is documented and presented in an easy to understand schedule for the client to refer too.



Lights, camera and action! This is the period when camera and crew execute the production. Clients are welcome to sit in on the production process and get involved if they wish.


Post Production

The footage is laid out and put into sequence. At this point, the Sound and Music departments start to work on the project. Once a cut is locked and signed off by the client it goes under a colour grade and sound final mix after which is is finally exported into a format of the client’s choosing.

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