LikeAGirl – Always digs a little deeper

Sanitary brand, Always, tries to breakdown gender stereotypes with their latest LikeAGirl marketing campaign.

The video shows a group of people being given questions to answer and specific scenarios to act out, while being filmed.  When they get asked to run/filght/be “like a girl” everyone acts in the same manner.  “Like a Girl” is a term, which somewhere a long the line became negative.  So when people acted like girls – it is almost every time accompanied by weakness.  When little girls are asked the same thing, their reaction however is different.  They run as fast as they can, they fight as hard as they can – the negative connotation has not yet reached them.

Many brands tend to focus too much on their project, whereas we mentioned it other posts before, the key is to engage your audience by talking directly to them.  When people can relate to a subject, they are automatically drawn to it.  Every now and again major brands have to come up with a new and interesting way to grab the attention of their audience.

Never underestimate the power of a great video.   With the internet being our main vessel of communication, videos go viral on a daily basis and the web has become our number one marketing tool.

And that is when the question is posed – “when did like a girl become a negative term?”.  And BOOM!  A truth is told and instant success is attained.  This is how you achieve brand success…