Jean-Claude van Damme Volvo Split

What do you get when you mix one of the world’s most legendary action hero’s, a major car brand and Enya? Instant success!!  The infamous Volvo split took the internet by storm showing Jean Claude van Damme standing on top of two Volvo trucks, which are parting so smoothly that he is able to do a split with his right foot on the one and his left foot on the other.

This video was so unbelievably amazing that a “making off” video had to be released just to show that it was not a hoax.  The video was then followed up by a long line of spoofs as well as Chuck Norris challenges!  To say that the Volvo Split was an internet sensation is an understatement.

Although we are all about doing more with less, sometimes you really just have to appreciate big production value!  The Volvo Split is one for the record books and is sure to be described as one of the best ads ever for many years to come.